You are enough!


Good morning!

Do you ever feel like you’re enough? Especially in this time of the year we tend to forget ourselves while we’re busy organizing stuff and gifts for christmas and family members and whatever.

But the truth is you are the most important person in your life. When you are unhappy, your whole family feels it, it affects your boyfriend, it affects your co-workers. It affects your world.


So I want you to do something for me 🙂

Go in front of your mirror and tell yourself one sentence.


Look deep in your eyes and tell it to you again. Again and again. Do it for a month. I mean do it everyday for one month, not stand there one month :D!


The point with these exercises which we also teach in our #HappinessWorkshops  and I do in my coaching sessions is that they do not really have a huge effect if you do it once a year. But they have a huge immense effect if you do it once a day. Once an hour or whenever you’re ready to do it.

Write it on your bath room mirror and say it to you everyday!

This unwords “not enough” can affect your life in so many NEGATIVE ways.

Curious on which one I have experienced?

  • I don’t have enough love
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I don’t have enough knowledge.
  • I don’t have enough security.


Sounds familiar?

These ideas spiral out into sometimes troublesome behavior: hoarding money, obsessing over relationships, neurotic stress that leads to no productivity, hoarding things so you have them “just in case”, self-destructive drive to be the best yet always falling short, rushing through days, comparing yourself to others and always coming up short and never really feeling present in life.

Of course, there is technically an infinite amount of everything we need in the world, but that abundance does not feel real to everyone and can strike someone who is plagued by scarcity as a fairy-tale statement.

text source inspiration fengshuidana

The truth is we all have our story. We all have experienced shitty stuff. But we all can do something about our NOW. We are able to change our future and one thing to do so is to tell yourself that you are enough! Because you really are.

so much love, D.

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