What I love about my husband


Who do you love (most) in your life? I suggest that you can tell everyone you love, that you do so.

Write them a card, an email, also a text message is a great start and share your love! Express your feelings, send flowers, hugs and a nice thank-you-note! It’s never too late or too early to do this.


A-Z Guide for my hubby!

Amore: I love that my husband has a big heart!

Balance: I love that he helps me finding my balance.

Creativity: I love that my husband is a creative head.

Devotion: I love that my husband is a devoting father.

Easy going: I love that he is easy-going, flexible and open for new stuff!

Faith in me: He has faith in me. No words needed.

Gentleman: He can be a gentleman, and  I love that.

Happy-hearted: He is actually happy. All the time. Lots of times! I love that!

Intelligence: He is a smart one! a really smart one. I adore that!

Jewel: He is a jewel for me. So happy that I found him!


Kind hearted, he is so kind hearted.

Lover, great – He is a great lover, just saying ;)!

Motivation, he is my motivation. Everyday!

Nerd, he is a nerd. I love that  🙂 !

Openhearted and optimistic through and trough.

Positive Energyy. He is filled with this stuff! that’s raw beauty, I can tell you! 🙂

Quality. He is of great quality.


Realist & Respect – Although he is so open for new stuff, he never loses side of the facts! Love this healthy positive balance. Love that he has respect for people.

Service: I love that my husband brings us our beloved Cappuccino and Babyccino home over the weekends.

Transformation. We both changed 45 times since we met and we manage to grow and change and transform together and in a goood way, which is the most important. He is not afraid of transformation.

& Truthfulness – He’s a lover of truth. And I love that.

Unconditional love & support, is what I feel with him.

Vulnerable. He is! Halleluya!

Warm. He and his energy is warm.So beautiful.

XO, I love him like XO!

Young-at-heart, open for adventure and ideas.

Zestful & lively! So nice to be with.

Dear Hubby I love you so 🙂 

so much love, D.

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