Our tribe


If we haven’t found our tribe yet, we must keep looking.

Looking for warm hugs, for loving people we can call in the middle of the night, cause they don’t care what time it is.

Looking for wonderful moments around bonfires eating well together.

Let’s watch our children grow together, dancing in awe, playing with their dolls, sharing, kissing each other, hugging our animals tightly.

Respect. Love. Friendship. I value this.

Let’s not stop just because we had some friendships with no meaning and anger and lots of envy, cause my soul knows this can’t be it!

For my heart knows there’s a tribe, there are people who love us just the way we are, no need to play it perfect. Real people with real flaws and emotions and values.

Let’s not stop until we find a place with pals who are there for us and cook for us and dry our tears.

I am here to build my tribe in this life with honest people with biiiig hearts and lovely souls, no super perfect people because there’s no need for that. People who know their shadows because they came to their lights by going through the dark.

Let’s chase the sunsets and the moments in nature when we all are surrounded by the love for each other, by funny games and a glass of red red wine.

Let’s enjoy the moments with some reggae music and marshmellows over bonfires.

Let’s live together, only for a while.

Tell our children good night stories and listen while one of us plays the guitar.

Let’s share what we have.

Because connection is what we all need and even more love. True connection. From my soul to yours.

I am still building my tribe.

so much love, D.

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