This is for you to take your power of love and life back!


This is for you, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in a relationship.

This is for you, if you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend, even though it’s years ago.

This is for you, if you keep finding yourself in relationships which almost break you.


This is for you if you keep dating the wrong guys.

This is for you if you’re not happy with your relationship and you think you deserve more.

This is for you if you want someone who tongue-kisses your true soul and loves you with ALL your flaws.

This is for you if you struggle to open to anyone.


Let me tell you something. It’s allright. Don’t stress yourself too much with it. Don’t force it. Give yourself the time you need. But let me also tell you that YOU are the only who can change this. YES YOU! Nobody else. You create your reality. 


So if you think you don’t deserve meaningful fullfilling relationship – it’s true you don’t deserve meaningful fullfilling relationships.

If you think everyone only wants to fuck you, it’s true everyone only wants to fuck you.

If you think men need to be a bit bad and assholes to be interesting – it’s true men need to be a bit bad and assholes to be interesting.

If you think everyone will disappear as soon you open up and show your flaws – it’s true they sure will disappear after you opened up and showed your flaws.

If you think it’s kinda cool to fight for a guy with other women, it’s true it is cool to fight for a guy with other women.

On the other hand ….

If you wholeheartly believe that you are a wonderful magical worthy woman who deserves love in abundance, this will be your reality – you are a wonderful magical worthy woman who deserves love in abundance.

If you believe that you deserve a honest man with real intentions who loves you just the way you are, it’s your reality you will have a honest man with real intentions who loves you just the way you are.

If you believe that you deserve a soul partner who supports you in everything you do, it is true you deserve a soul partner who supports you in everything you do.

You get it by now. Don’t you? If you think this is too simple to be true, it‘ far more complicated then this is your reality too. I want you to claim your power. I want you be in alignment with your self responsibility. Life only gives us what we think we deserve. Because we create our lives. 

I’ve seen the most beautiful, kind & lovely women rushing into relationships with men who did not honor these women. With men who cheated on them. With men who valued a shit. I’ve been there too. I know what I’m talking about. But they thought they were unworthy. They believed that that’s the way it has to be. So please check part of my story out:

I had some fucking limiting beliefs too – I thought men had to be very dominant, aggressive and egoists to be sexy. I thought it was sexy to be attached to someone in a unhealthy way. I thought it’s normal that a man never made time for me; that his hobbies & going out were more important to him. I believed that this behaviour is so normal because for me there was no father making time in playing hours with me or holding me when I was sick or teaching me that I am loveable the way I am.


I believed that men are occupied & busy and that I had to wait ‚til he came home instead of having a fun time together. I was sure that a man was right and needed to lead me and needed to save me. I did not believe in partnership or friendship or being nice and respectful with each other. I believed in playing (ego) games and on off relationships and that I was too much to handle for men. I believed in a (short) sexual attraction instead of touching each other’s soul and melting as we make love. 



Here’s what I believe today:

I believe that I am worthy of love. I believe that I am great the way I am. Just by being me. I don’t need to be perfect or a model to be worthy. I believe that I am a wonderful woman. I believe that I’m doing my best. I believe (most of the time) that I don’t need to do something to earn love. I believe in friendship and spending so much time together. I believe in growing old together, in healing with each other. I believe in magical moments and only eye contact to know what the other means. I believe in feeling his flaws and talking about all this stuff until it’s good for everyone. I believe in showing my flaws too. I believe in spending time together and apart. I believe in respect and in being faithful. Because yes there are so many attractive humans out there, but there’s only one who touches my soul the way he does. I believe in honesty. I believe in being myself and I believe in him the way he is.

What do I want from you? I want you to check out your (limiting) belief systems! What do you believe? About yourself? About your relationships? What do you even think of the most important male role model in your life – your father? Are you very close to him and a so called daddy’s girl? Or do you HATE him? (Like I used to do for years  – very happy I’m not hating him anymore!) It’s important to see what you really think because this is the base for your life. Your thoughts create your reality.

My tip for you, find a moment to relax, sit down, light a candle and find some time for yourself than

Write down three things that you think and feel about (DON’T THINK FOR HOURS – DON’T FILTER – LISTEN & AS THE FIRST THOUGHT IS THE BEST!)

a) yourself (worth)

b) your relationship(s)

c) your father / mother  (if you’re into girls – check out your thoughts about your mom)

It will blow your mind, I promise. If you have the answers. You know with which relationship you can start. It’s time to improve these. If you feel like you want to share this talk with a good friend about it. 

a) So how do you improve these relationships? The relationship with yourself will approve as soon as you’re able to say no to others, start appreating yourself more and listen to your own heart instead of listening to all these hundred opinions. I believe that the relationship with yourself is a life-long journey, but I believe it’s so wonderful to be your own best friend.

b) If you know more about what you believe about yourself, it’s pretty clear that you will see what the other people you attract think about yourself. THE SAME THING! So if your ex cheated on you, one way or another you sure thought that you deserve this – and one way or another you sure cheated on yourself in those days too. BEEN THERE! DONE THAT.

c) If you know how you are attached to your father – you’ll have a big key ingredient into your relationship with the other gender. Was he cold as ice? Or was he never there? Or was he always there? Did he value your mother so you grew up seeing a man adoring his woman? Or was he always right? Was he too dominant? Was he aggressive? How was he? Mine was not there. Period. So I sure believed I am unworthy of a man’s love.

It’s a topic for a whole book, I know but if you want to change something to the better. You can start here. Don’t hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions. 

We are often unaware of our thoughts and then we create a reality that’s not beautiful. So start paying attention to your thoughts. Not only in what you think today but almost more important what you thought days or years ago – because the thought of then is the reality of today.

If you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend some freaking positive affirmations about your love & life. Click here to go to the queen of affirmations Louise Hay. Also working with a good coach or talking to a good friend is honey for your soul. Start now with a positive change in your relationships.

I wish you all meaningful powerful soulkissing and supportive relationships like the one I do have now.

so much love, D.

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