Tadaaa! Today is the day you can change your love life!


Yes today is not only a Monday, but it is the day you can change your love life! Have you ever dreamed of a life filled with love, laughter and a feeling like butterflies dance all day in your stomache? Yes, me too of course!

I proudly present you my first Ebook find love. Through this book you can change your outlook on your current love life situation. I put it all together right over here, so you may have a look or two & make the decision to change your love life right now.

So let me give you quickly the advantages of working with this book:

  • It is proofed that we learn a lot through reading. While you read this book you get into a mentally stimulated vibe and will find yourself on the path of mindfulness in love & relationships.
  • This is not only an Ebook but merely a work book. Yes there is always always some meaningful work to do in our lives and how do we know that it’s for us? We know it, if we have a feeling in our guts that is telling us, there must be more. For you. In this beautiful life.
  • Write your thoughts into this book! The tool which I love most is the fact that you can write directly in your pdf Ebook. If you do your work online you can totally grab a hot tea and read yourself in and for answering you just write directly in it. Sounds really easy to me. So you can totally write down what is inside of you.
  • The book shows you honestly where to turn to if you feel like you repeat the same story again and again. It shows you where compassionate healing is required, so you can do this and create new love & relationships.
  • Get to know yourself. One of my most favorite task ever. So you know what you really need in relationships & love.
  • It is also for you if you do have a partner! In fact it will help you to bring some light and understanding into your relationship to yourself and to your partner!


At the moment I totally give it away for EUR 05.00 instead of EUR 10.00 because you know I am so happy about the birth of this 🙂 And I love you so! 

so much love, D.

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