It starts with becoming your own role model

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True beauty comes from within and validition and self worth must also come from within. To get an idea of what I mean please watch this inspiring ted talk!

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a plus size model but she does not really like this label. I understand her. Why do we have to label everything? She looks so pretty and is no pluse size at all. She is just a curvy and beautiful woman.

It does not matter if you are curvy or naturally very skinny, it does not matter if you have red hair or black. Your beauty should not be defined by someone else than you. Please start new. You can. You totally can start a new relationship with your body and mind and heart. Everyday!

But we all get caught in this trap and let society define beauty for us. Beauty is only being a size zero and having perfect skin, being always styled from head to toe and dressing like Gigi Hadid. Everything else is not cool, not valued and not okay. Whuuuut?





All about the money

But have you ever thought of the reason why this all works like this? This is not (only) my opinion, this is the truth. They make a whole lot of MONEY with your and my insecurities. With all our insecurieties. Oh they do. Because you probly believe you are not yet perfect and must first buy the right lip stick, the new high heels or prada bag! (sorry prada, is it always you :D?)

But you don’t. You are really worthy and good. So so good. Just the way you are! All you need is your own love and approval and society’s. But it’s really a journey. One that you can start today.


Identity! Are you able to see yourself clearly? Are you aware of your vibe, the energy you project out into the world? Are you aware of your body language? Can you feel the expression on your face?



Here’s more from RebelleSociety

Are you ready, are you set, to let go of…

#1 The past. Gently allow the past to be released from the muscles, the joints, the cells of the body. Release tension of the traumatic, dramatic and intensely emotional past. In other words, drop the baggage, for good. Leave no imprint, not even a trace by giving permission to the body to let-it-go. Note: this exercise of self-love may take more than one attempt — keep going, keep releasing.

#2 The future. Let go of the unpredictable, unforeseen worries, if-onlys and what ifs of the non-existent future.

#3 Attachments to calendars, schedules and to-do lists. Let go of rushing around chanting what you have to do over and over again, or trying to relax by incessantly thinking of your to-do list. Spend less time stressing about what has to be done and focus on the most productive doing possible. Focus on one thing at a time and do it until it’s done. Give the task at hand all of your heart with all your focus. Make every effort focused, sincere and the best use of your time.

“The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary.” – Thomas A. Edison

#4 External approval. Know that you have everything you need to be who and what you are right now without anyone giving you the green light.

Read the whole blog post from Rebelle Society here 

A beautiful heart is so so so beautiful!

What can you do today to make you feel good and beautiful? 🙂

so much love, D.

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