So what is a capsule wardrobe? Mine is made out of ethically made clothes


A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made out of ONLY pieces you totally love. There’s no something like a maybe or a if I would be 20 pounds lighter in there. It’s minimalistic, it’s super fun and it’s only made out of love and minimalism.

When I learned about the truth of the fast fashion industry I decided that I never ever would enter again a foot at a fast fashion store. I stick to this statement. And from now on I slowly but surely will replace my H&M clothes with fair and happily produced clothes.

If you’re a woman, chances are good that you often stand in front of your closet and thinking to yourself „I have so nothing to wear!“ It might be true, after all your clothes are just a collection of randomly bought stuff without any concept. Things you saw on your best friend or on Bar Rafaeli or that one dress you bought because you were unhappy with your relationship, or the one jacket you bought because your friend said it looked cute, even if you did not feel comfortable in it. We all have been there ! 🙂 But  there’s a solution my dears!

For me the fun and main points about a conscious & mini wardrobe are the following:

a) You always have something to wear.

b) You only have pieces you are in love with.

c) You can get the best out of your wardrobe because it’s so multi usable.

Process of creating a capsule wardrobe

I will create my capsule wardrobe! And I will create it only made out of ethically made fashion. I gave so many things away, I also sold some things of my old kind of Carrie-Bradshaw-closet and now I will step by step replace all I have with only beautiful and sustainable clothes. The main point with a capsule wardrobe is that you stick to a number. You can totally choose which number you will take. I mean it should not be 500 😀 So quite common is the number 37. I think I have more than 37 items at the moment but I will see how it goes and how fast I can replace. I will let you know about it.

If you’re coming with me and want to rebuild your wardrobe hey! Great, I guide you through the process.

Below I show you how multi usable it all is. I wear basically 10 outfits and I could even create more with only 6 items. The point is that you add things you love to things you already have and love, so you can happily combine just things you love 😀 ! In other words, just things you really wear.

For example I love my pencil skirt. I wear it often with crop shirts (especially in the warmer times of the year) but I also can wear my pencil skirt with blue jeans in winter or with or with leggings and the jeans jacket.

Or another one 🙂 I love my overall. I wear it with all kind of shirts but also with jackets. I also wear it as if they were trowers with a pullover above the overall so the overall appears as regular trousers.

By now you get what I mean I only want things in my wardrobe that are easy and lovely to combine.


So here’s how you do it:

1. Find your number. Try things out. Maybe 50 is your thing, maybe it’s 30 items. This number includes your tops, trousers, dresses, jackets and pullovers and your shoes. I would suggest you find a number under 80 🙂 but it’s up to you! It’s still a minimalist thing, so we don’t want to go too high!

Attention: This number does not include: jewelry, accessories, swimsuit, pjs, underwear, workout clothes and homie clothes!

2. Look through all your clothes and decide what you want to be part of your new mini wardrobe. Find three categories – YES, MAYBE and NO. The yes is everything you love and would wear like immediatly! The MAYBE is a maybe and you can see how many items you have left – If you have space you can fill the rest with the MAYBES until you find new THINGS YOU LOVE. Than you let the maybes go. 

3. Go with the season. This means it makes no sense for you to include 2 winter coats in your summer time wardrobe. What to do? I do store them and take them out when it’s time. But the other way round it makes sense to have (some of) your summer dresses including in your winter wardrobe, because you totally can wear (some of) them with leggings and pullovers.

4. The THINGS THAT ARE A NO from number 2 are a NO. Donate them, sell them or give them to someone who wants them! Let go, create space for more fun!

5. If you want to do it like me and replace it with new ethically made things go bit by bit. You can start with the basics that you need. For example buy your new blue jeans and a white and a black shirt. And give away your old blue jeans and your old white and black shirts. Replace your old stuff. Than next month go on and replace your pullovers and your jackets. And in spring you go for new dresses and replace the old ones.

6. Plan! Unfancy is the most popular capsule wardrobe blog. It’s only about her capsule wardrobe. You can check the blog out here and download her free wardrobe planner – With this you can create and plan your wardrobe!

7. Think of your basics. What are the things you totally totally love? These things are for example blue jeans, a white shirt, a crop shirt, a cool warm pullover, a black blazer, a maxi dress, some leggings, high wasted jeans, a jeans jacket, a fake leather jacket, a warm funky coat. Think of new ways in combining these basics like I did.


8. Two wardrobes. If you work and you want/need to dress business. Than you can create one business wardrobe & one mom outfit- free time wardrobe. Choose a number for each wardrobe that suits your lifestyle.

So why a capsule wardrobe?

quote unfancy

Picture via unfancy

Are you in with me? 🙂

Life as a minimalist is great! You should totally listen to this inspiring ted talk  and next time I tell you where you can buy ethically made fashion that looks great! YIHAA! And I give you more details on my personal capsule wardrobe.

so much love, D.

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