Your heart and soul do not care if you’re busy as fuck!


They want to be well treated and get some totally deserved care.  Today I want to remind you on treating yourself oh so good. What do you know about self care?

Do you already practice self care? I’d love to read about your tips on it. I do self care. As often as I can. I make it possible. I have to. Otherwise I’m starting to be a bitchy (even more than usual ;)) lover and sometimes a stressed mum too. So I made a list of things that are self care to me.

Self care is:

  • To unplug – Have a t least one day or evening when your mobile phone, your ipad, your mac book and all that stuff is not open on 100 tabs! Thanks! Even better. Take a week off and go hiking at the beach or go and walk the Camino de Santiago.
  • To meditate! They say 40 minutes each day – just sitting still and meditating over a mantra – are like little vacations! Unfortunately I do not (yet) practice this. But I’m planning to. Starting today with 10 minutes. Are you joining me? 🙂
  • To eat well – I treat myself with yummie food. All the time. No meat, lots of fruits and vegetables and oh I love pasta.
  • Wellness! At least once a week I go and I enjoy myself in the sauna and steam bath. It is like a wellness vacation and so so good. If you can’t make it once a week. Go once a month! Dipping your cute bootie in a salt water sole bath is so so wonderful! If you can’t afford it at all, buy salt and take a salt bath at home all by yourself!
  • Listening to music! Is all I need sometimes. Favorite play list on, earphones and adios muchachos, I’m in my own world!
  • Making love with someone you love and having sex with yourself is self care too. Get to know your body, mind and soul. Connect. Love. Heal.
  • Listening to affirmations which do you so good. I am on this! I love you Louise Hay!
  • Having fun with your best friend and laugh your asses off! That’s self care, my dear!
  • Going into nature and just breathing the fresh air!

Yes I know it all! Costumers want to be satisfied, your boss wants you to work so much, your partner needs you to fill in the taxes, your child wants you to be here all the time – but if we do forget ourselves, we start feeling out of touch with our own soul. Your soul does not care if you’re busy as fuck or not! If you can make time for a boss, you can make time for yourself!

You matter. You are important. And you can only be a wonderful person, if you take care of yourself too. It’s so good to support other people, please always continue doing it! But please also remember that you are a person too and that you need your love, your care, your attention too.  SAY YES to yourself! Be kind with yourself! I hope this little article is a little reminder for your day! In which areas can you care more for yourself? With whom would you like to go and do wellness and chill? Book the date! Do it today. Life is here and now.

so much love, D.

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  1. Liebe Deborah – ein wunderbarer Blogpost…
    Du hast so recht in all deinen Punkten, es wäre so einfach, man nimmt sich dann aber die Zeit doch nicht – so geht es zumindest mir.
    Es ist teilweise echt gar nicht so einfach, sich diese Zeit rauszunehmen 🙂 but we will try and do our best..
    Mach weiter so, deine Texte sind so motivierend und inspirierend 🙂
    Love, Nina

    1. Liebe Nina! ich freue mich so sehr über deinen Kommentar und darüber dass dir meine Texte gefallen <3! Du hast recht! es ist so einfach und doch oft schwierig die Zeit für sich zu nehmen. Genau sehe ich auch so immer wieder probieren und das Beste geben (auch für sich) so much love, d.

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