Qualities a relationship needs according to me


What is actually a great relationship? We sure all know what is not.

When I talk to women I often first hear that they know what they don’t want. In a job or in a relationship. I believe that this is part of the learning process, to first know what you really don’t want. And then bit by bit getting closer to what you want. So here’s what I want in a relationship.

  1. Closeness. Not only physical but personal. Someone who let’s me in – into his world. His fears, his beautiful thoughts, his dreams, his weaknesses.
  2. Trust. My hubby is the first man I trust with heart and soul and hair and bone. 150 and more %. He’s there for me, he makes time for my feelings, he opens up for me.
  3. Respect. He respects me. My decisions are mine. He does not try to convince me with shizzle. And when we do disagree on a topic, we talk it through and find out what’s our story behind this. But he never goes over my boarders and pushes me into something I don’t want. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  4. Support. We support each other. My dream is his dream and the other way around. We care enough for each other so that we are able to support the other’s dream.
  5. Empathy. I hear it in his voice if something is not alright and he sees it as well in my eyes. We feel each other and we respond to each other.
  6. Fun. He is very funny 🙂 and sometimes I am too 😀 ! Life is fun, it’s beautiful and important to laugh!
  7. Friendship. We’re buddies. Like if we would like to drink beer, we would sit there and drink beer. We’re homies, we’re pals. He knows about my worst sexual affairs I had in the past and I know what he did. Of course sometimes we also get a bit jealous while talking about our past, but we’re fine with it. We like to be oooopen with each other.
  8. Openness. Most attractive thing on earth. People with open minds. I love it. Nothing more boring than someone who thinks he knows it all only because what? Studied this thing for a year or so, life is so much more than a course in university. Anyway  I love that my hubby is openminded. Living a year in Stockholm? Yes. Travelling to vulcanos? Yap! Learning a language together? JAP!
  9. Integrity. Wecan be sure to hold each other and to always support the others decision and not going against each other with others. We’re a unit.
  10. Honesty. One powerful word. All said.

What do you need in a relationship? Only settle in if it is 100/100. What can you do today to improve your relationship? Tell your loved one that you love him/her. I love you C. ! You’re the only badass I wanna do this all together with. You’re the one. And sometimes you drive me crazy 😀 but it’s alright too. I love you so much.

so much love, D.

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