My quick guide to true self love!


I have a little something for you! It is a good reminder. Print it out and put it on your desktop, workspace, on your blackboard at home, on the fridge and mail it over to your best friend! But especially integrate it in your everyday life!

Here are some ideas to make your day and activate, live and celebrate your true self love!

It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine! 

Byron Katie

It is so beautiful to live a life with love. Love for everyone. And that includes you! Below is the download link for you!


I hope you like it! Want more freebies? Click here!

I wish you a wonderful day!

so much love, D.

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  1. love your little guides!!! and pictures 🙂 really really inspiring! 🙂 <3
    just inspired me to do the same with the envision blogpost..because it will be a long one filled with so many infos and inspiration 🙂 I love you soulsister!!! and there is something interesting right now.. when I don't love myself..I feel how I can't connect to Adam and love him!! And he would feel this too! And I can really feel it 🙂 also interesting to see how my ego acts now.. and tries to create some drama but actually it's all so good. just watching and learning 🙂 would be interesting if you have even more things to share about relationships 🙂 like when you're in one and you're healing together and how you handle for example your ego etc. 🙂 Love you!!! <<3

  2. Hey I love you back! 🙂 so interesting. I can imagine this… That’s for sure so with us very sensitive people! Yeah I’m going to bring more on this subject – thanks for this beautiful suggestion 🙂 ! love you too my dear.

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