So many selfies and so less selflove


Do you still take selfies or do you already love yourself? I’d love to know!

When I look around and on the internet all is see is selfies, selfies, selfies. So many selfies and so less self love. It’s crazy how important the selfie thing became in this culture and how less self love we really do have in our systems.

Remember years ago when there were no iphones. In holidays we would never take a picture by ourselves. That was just something awkward to do. We would ask strangers to take a photo or hire a photographer. Do you remember?

Magic happens in the present moment and yet we are seemingly terrified of being here!

In this world everything is online. And that requires no imagination. We’re constantly beaming ourselves in this online world away from where we really are at this moment. Don’t get me wrong! I also try not be old fashioned, it’s just what should this bring us? How does this bring us any closer to our true nature?

Yes of course sometimes capturing a beautiful moment with your loved ones, or a kiss or a hug or something else that’s awesome is so so cool and funny – but everything else? Isn’t that just ego polishing? I’m all about true real self love and I do not believe that this has something to do with angles, filters or duck faces. Of course it is allowed to feel beautiful and to capture a beautiful moment. But there’s the question, do you really feel beautiful or do you want to hear that you are beautiful? Not the same thing. With one you feel good in your skin and with the other you try to get a feeling from the outside.

So for today I am off in the real world without selfies.

Tell me what you think about this topic!

so much love, D.

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