Love it leave it or change it!


Sometimes we all feel like

Everything sucks!

AH! That feeling is horrible (at least to me!) when almost nothing makes sence and you can’t really see what is important anymore. Drama is on. Drama is just bitchin around sometimes. And you decide if you want to get into it or just let her fly by. She will hit the road anyway. Sometimes we just have to decide if we really want to get involved into her plans or not.

Yup it’s so true not every day is unicorn giggles and happiness sprinklers topped with glitter confetti. Sometimes we just don’t want to dance. Sometimes we decide to cry or to feel like the biggest looser on earth. That’s all so fine. We are aloud to have these feelings. We can accept ourselves even with these emotions. We can even love ourselves although sometimes we try to make ourselves crazy!

So my new mantra for these days is

Love it, leave it or change it! If you can’t change it than change your fucking attitude about it. Try to love it and when you’re ready then move on and leave it! 

Yeah there are shitty days. So whuuut? I am sure to still live a  great great life. The problem with shitty days are not the shitty days but our attitude about it. The problem is always in the attitude about stuff!

If you say yes bad mood I’m going to handle you with respect & grace today, it won’t be as bad as if you think to yourself constantly „Ah, I’m the worst. I hate this bad mood and I’m always so mean and sad with myself!“

Turn the beat around, let the thunderstorms pass  and tune in some funky music! Or do another self love actitvity! Whatever works for you!

Today I want to remember me, you and all of us that sometimes all we need is a little bit (sometimes more than a little bit) acceptance! 

And by really and whole-heartedly accepting yourself all the shit will pass!

so much love, D.

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