Life as a minimalist makes me happy


More? More? More? More friends? More luxury? More stuff? Bigger boobs? A house with garden? A ferrari ? New clothes from GUCCI everyday? None of these things I desire. I choose to live a simple, yet very very rich life.

What do I mean? Life with clutter is no life for me. Doesn’t matter if it is emotional clutter or material stuff. Although I am totally convinced that they are depending on each other.

We moved from a 5.5 rooms appartment to a 3.5 rooms appartment and are now living happily in a 3.0 rooms flat. How do I feel about it? So great. While we had 2 rooms we did not use at all in the 5.5 rooms appartment, today I totally prefer living in a smaller, cozy, lovely space where I only have the things I REALLY love instead of all this clutter from my past.

I let go of many things. Emotional stuff, many people, many fears, many gifts people brought me. I don’t believe that I am defined by what I own; but rather by what I do and experience. And I choose freedom; a minimalistic approach with heart.

Here’s the details:

  • I’d rather spend my life wander(lust)ing around in the world than paying mortgage to a piece of land I will never really own.
  • I’d rather have one appartment in Toronto and one in Costa Rica than having a huge mansion in only one place.
  • I’d rather live my life actively, creating awesome memories in zoos, in cafes, at the lake and beach than sitting around in front of my facebook online community, computer games and all the other stuff some say we need in life.
  • I’d rather have one family bed because we are advocates of attachment parenting than only having a room with a bed where my daughter may or may not want to sleep in one night. If she wants her room, I make it possible immediatly or we move again.
  • I’d rather have one space I totally adore than three rooms I find okay.
  • I’d rather have one friend who loves and supports me with all (s)he has than 400 only with me when I’m on the bright side of life.
  • I’d rather have 5 dresses I love than 30 to make me feel „worthy“
  • I’d rather have one man, loving him with all my heart & soul, getting all of his wonderful love back, than fucking around with 50 dudes I don’t care about.
  • I’d rather wait for my long time best friends returning from their trips of their lives than hanging around someone I don’t care just because I don’t want to be alone.
  • I’d rather start a blog about topics I fucking love to write than just a blog I find good.
  • I’d rather take the chance and believe in me than staying in the safe place.

A friend has been teasing me like „Do we have to bring our own chairs when we come to your house because of your minimalism mania? And I’m like „honey you don’t get me, I am on minimalism because I want to live more in true friendships, because I want this place to be a home with laughter and yummie meals and spending time together looking at your smiling faces. I’m so much into the experience and not so much into materialism. I’m opening myself for more focus and less blabla. I’m opening myself for more love and meaning than just being polite. I’m opening myself for true friends and happy memories and so much fun. I’m opening myself for true inspiration and healing!

So if you’re in too, tell me where do you live & love minimalism? And where you want your focus? Would love to know.

I’m going to continue writing about a minimalistic but totally happy hearted life very soon. I’m also planning on showing you my wardrobe – I now own a capsule wardrobe and got rid of my huge „Carrie-Bradshaw-kind-of-collection.“

so much love, D.

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  1. someone really said that? 😀 funny..haha sitting on the floor or pillows is much cooler than sitting on chairs 😀 thihi <3 <3 <3 I just sent a picture of my bamboo hut to my grandpa some minutes ago with the caption that I really don't need more – could even have less than that! 🙂 see you in Costa Rica and Toronto babe! 😀

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