It’s been over two weeks without a smart-phone & now facebook’s gone too


And I wanted to check in to tell you I am still alive 😀 Haha ! What can I say? I am re-learning to live my life as I used to before we had smartphones in our lives.

I am here to confess the first few days were quite hard and I also sometimes used the ipad a bit (but really just a short amount of time – not to get back in again!) It’s more like I allowed myself to detach from all these things sloooowly.

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Bring back the old days

I mean it’s crazy. Today I looked around was like Yeah I miss the times when we all would laugh and chat and smile at each other. I remember those days back in school where you would smile on the schoolyard to your crush and hope he looked at you too! I would always smile at Dave 🙂 and years later we got together. (Hello Dave, in case you’re coincidentally reading this – I send you a hug & so much love:))

Anyways, where was I ? Ah the old days. Then I realized something. Tadaaaaaa. Just because everyone else is living like that, this does not mean I have to do it too. I can stop. Right here. I can smile at strangers and helping old ladies crossing the streets, if I only choose to. I can escape this bubble. I can start to live again. I mean if a relationship feels bad for me I do say BYE! Why would this be any different with smartphones, apps and stuff?

Things to do

I really remember the days when people would chat and laugh – Today all I see and hear is people talking about how many likes & followers they all have, everyone starring into their very own screen. It’s crazy shit to handle and I am happy to decide here at the age of 26 that this is no longer the way I want to live. Yep I have my blog and my mac. I work from this place. But not only. I will really schedule time to be online. And the rest of the time I just do the things I never thought I have time for. Like reading beautiful old-fashioned but real books, listening to the sound when I turn a page. And another one. And one more.

I will learn to play piano (probably not :D) or how to write like a writer, I will paint more, love more, listen to the Lumineers, light up some candles, meditate, create ideas, relaxe, and in the evenings sometimes watching happy movies, playing more with my child, laughing more, loving even more, cooking delicious meals, learn about juices or society or feminism.

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Bye Bye Facebook

So today one minute ago, I deactivated my private facebook account. No 500 „fake-friends“ to stalk, no chatting and observing other perfect lives. I can say it facebook made me chakalalaalala 😀 – like I wanted to be online all the time. As you know I stopped using a smart phone a few weeks ago, but I really compensated the time on FACEBOOK.  It came to a point where I would prefer stalking online others lives than living my own life with joy and purpose and having a real conversation. And for me this is not the way I want to live.

I want my life to be filled with joy, love, purpose, fun, health, happiness, my dreams and goals, compassion, wonderful friends, vegan gatherings around bonfires, yummie marshmellows & healthy smoothies, sea air, sand between my toes, real conversations, meaningful work, money, yummie food. So today I made some space for all these things! At least the first step is done.

If you want to make a change as well. Here are my tipps:

  1. Start small. Bit by bit. I first left Instagram (months ago, omg this crazy overload of perfect-polished bodies gave me a baaaad feeling before I even left my bed!:D haha thank you, but no thank you!) Than what’s-app, than the smartphone and now my private facebook account (I still do update my facebook blog page – but there I do have no „friends“ to stalk :D)
  2. Look for others just like you. Connection is everything we need. Ask a friend to do it with you!
  3. Of course you can still be online. But meaningful and with joy and without anger and envy and the feeling that you’re not enough. Watch out for inspirational ted talks – inspiring podcasts and look for a community 
  4. Get informed about addiction
  5. Don’t be too sad if it doesn’t work the first time, try again 🙂 ! 
  6. Find hobbies again my dear. Something that suits you 🙂 Start a blog or do a yoga teacher program, write novels or give cooking classes! Inspire 🙂 Most important: Find your own  thing/outlet, for me it’s my blog. You can write into your own journal if you prefer privacy 🙂
  7. Make a statement. Like tell people what you plan, this way you’ll try more to make it 🙂

Here are some good art projects on the topic and this one and this one

So now I’m listening to the funky sound of the Lumineers and I’m off from the internet because yeah you know no Facebook available here :D! I wish you a wonderful meaningful day and maybe you feel it’s time for a little smartphone, facebook, instagram, what’sapp- break too! 🙂 Let me know how it goes.

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PS: Look the whole series from Eric Pickersgrill here it’s amazing. By the way don’t you think too – that it looks like these people are addicted & that they look unhappy with empty eyes?

so much love, D.

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