Inspiring women and what we learn from them!


Here are some of my most inspiring women of all time! Take a look and get inspired! Happy Monday!

  1. Just stumbled up on her. She is Dana and currently inspiring the world with her fitness. She is a body positive activist! Looks like she’s been through a lot and now she claims her power to help herself and others heal. Take a look at her.
  2. Marianne Williamson. She is incredible! A spiritual teacher with a strong power who is very ok to tell you the fucking truth! You need to watch this video. My ladies love it so much!
  3. YONCÉ! BEYONCÉ! GODESS. Inspiring woman standing up for herself!
  4. Oprah Winfrey. If I could choose, she would be my spirit animal! I love her so so much! She is honest! She changes lives! She stands up! She knows how to go for dreams and that’s what we all can remind ourselves everyday again and again!

inspiring women

So from Dana we can learn how to love our bodies! What a great example!

From Marianne Williamson we can learn so much about infinite love ! Let’s all love each other!

From Beyoncé we can learn that motherhood is freaking inspiring and that you can become so much more honest and yourself after your baby! I loved her sound much more after her first pregnancy 🙂 !

Oprah is phenomenal to me! I love her so much. She knows how to live and how to make a living! She says it’s all about the people you surround yourself with! I believe that too! And here are more things we can learn from this beautiful woman!

pics found here here here here and here

Who’s your all time inspiration? Tell me all about her/him!

so much love, D.

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    1. oh thank you so much <3! ! ! love you so much! And you are an inspiration as well 🙂 ! Oh and I love Veit and his beautiful wife too!!! <3

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