In the end it was all about love


In the end

when you face your end,

hopefully in dozens of decades,

in the end.


It may come clear to you,

what was that all



Was it about all the hours at work,

doing things someone told me to do?


Was it about all the stuff I achieved,

like lets‘ say titles, promotions, wage increases, cars and clothes?


Was it about the parties I was on?

The women I was on?


And the moment comes in which you realize.

It was and always was about love.


Not because I’m a cheesy romantic, but because it is.

Not only did Shakespeare knew.


I know that you know in your heart too.

It is about love.


The hours you laughed because that is love.

The hours you lifted somebody up because that is love too.

The moments you look at someone and just realise omg she is magic.

The moments you look into someone’s eyes and feel a warm shiver going down your back.

It was about the first time you two decided to make love.

It was about the feeling he gave you the next day.

It was in his eyes.



It was about you holding hands with him.

It was about the first scream of your new born baby.

It was about the moment you said yes I’m going to love you forever; although you perhaps didn’t.

It was about you in this foreign country trying this speciality which was so spicy you almost stopped breathing,

but than you didn’t stop and you felt alive. Like never before.


Your life is right here and now

make some beautiful beautiful memories.

Be alive. Feel it all in your blood. The passion, the fear – but especially THE LOVE.

Decide to live and to


so much love, D.

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