How to start into a vegan delicious happy healthy life!


Here are some of my most important tipps for a healthy vegan life! This is for you Aleks 😉

  • Daily smoothies! Green smoothies, red smoothies, blue smoothies! Smoothies all day long. If you want you can also alternate your own smoothies with INNOCENT SMOOTHIES. Totally recommend them also for kids! It’s only fruit inside – no bullshit.
  • Relax. Don’t make yourself too much pressure please! Take it easy. No one said you have to be 100 % vegan from your first day.  The most important thing for now is to fill up with healthy veggies and fruits and to have fun!
  • Fill in your good protein.


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You see that spinach has almost twice as much protein then beef for example, but to take in the vegetable protein sources our body needs more than just a piece of meat. What I mean is you should eat more and 0n a regular (daily) base. What I mean more precisely is give yourself a yummie green smoothie with kale and spinach and banana for breakfast, eat a yummie cucumber-onion- salad for lunch and if you want have  some tomato-cabbage-soufflées for dinner. 😉 or also the next day. But it’s all about eating lots of veggies and fruits. Fresh. everyday..

  • Yummie plant based iron. So make sure you get iron 🙂


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  • It’s important to take your vitamin B12 & your calcium

Although they say you as an adult can live with your B12 store for about three years til its empty. But I totally recommend taking your B12 from the very beginning. There are lots of B12 sources. Something I am really into is a B12 tooth paste and a B12 spray! You can get yours here:


  • Calcium is important.  Great calcium sources are soya milk, tofu, spinach, oranges, almonds, onions and sunflower seeds but also water with calcium is a great choice.
  • Connect your self to a vegan community and (find your) vegan friends

It feels great to connect with like-mindeds. If you’re living in Switzerland you can check out otherwise you have google as your friend. Oh and also peta is a great source.

  • Make sure to get your information. On the above mentioned pages you find lots about nutrition. It’s important to do your homework in that field. But I feel this is important for everybody 🙂 not only for vegans. There’s still things to pay attention to like zinc & iodine for example.
  • Omega sources can be Chia seeds, berries, wild rice more can be found here

Yes I know it can be time-consuming to cook fresh everyday. But it’s absolutely so so abso-fucking-lutly worth it! And it’s a must for a healthy life anyway. It’s love to yourself, your body, your mind & the environment.

That’s it for now – and if you want to ask me something about it – it is. I’m happy to inspire you and I think it’s also perfect to start with one vegan meal per day, per week or even per month. Every meal counts.


so much love, D.

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