How baby dolls forced me to live in the moment & release some fear!


A wonderful friend of mine had these baby dolls from her child days left. So when I and my daughter visited her place, it was clear that my daughter would freak out from love for these babies. In fact it was also the plan :). She is a badass mother 100 %! She adopted these cuties very fast and when we left she wanted of course to take them home.

My friend said yeah of course you can keep them. She used to play with them with her sister back in her childhood days, but now that they’re both in their twenties, she thought that it would be just fine to hand them down to a little two-years-old.

It turned out to be not okay for her sister. She wants to keep them for her own children. Sorry sister for hurting your feeling (and of course we bring them back!) Yeah sure we should have asked her first; we both did not think about it, because we’re both totally declutterer and thought it would be more than fine for all parties.

This text is not about blaming anyone. I swear it’s not. It’s just I want to draw attention to the holding onto – attitude. If you’re holding on to your past, you might be missing the present moment and your very own future. Or as Dorothee  Solle said:


“If my hands are fully occupied in holding on to something, I can neither give nor receive.”
―Dorothee Solle


So think for yourself and look around your home and into your soul. What are you holding onto today that you could let go of?

For me it’s FEAR. I’m still afraid. Afraid of what people may think what I look like, what my occupation is, what kind of a mother I am. I’m afraid of other people not liking me, not accepting me. All while I know the only person who needs to accept myself is ME! All other things will fall into place. I know it.

So today I choose to release fear. And I choose to live in the present.

I think I’m also going around my home once again and declutter again 🙂 ! I’m sure gonna find stuff I’m holding onto, but don’t really need. Also the thing to wait for a particular stage in your life for something, for me is desillusional. I used to dream about the beach life, missing my actual life in the presence, because I was already there at the next event.

For me this is no longer how my life works. I enjoy every day, every stage we’re in. Every phase of my relationship and motherhood. It’s all good and great right now and it all will be good and great all our lifetimes long. It’s really your attitude about life that makes it cool, happy, funky, meaningful, beautiful et cetera.

So thanks universe for this little reminder via the baby dolls. I really got it and I really enjoy my life. Just the way it is. Every minute. Every second. Also right now as it is in the middle of my moving, with so many boxes unpacked, so many projects not yet finished, so many things that I still want to do and become – It’s okay because my life is great anyway!

So much love,


so much love, D.

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