Find love – create the relationships your heart truly desires – a look into my book


This is to announce my first ebook, my dearest ladies and gentlemen! Could not be happier that this one is finished.

I poured lots of my heart into it. I tell you all I learned about relationships and I give you some hot stuff to work on. This is an ebook but also combined with a workbook, which means it waits for you to fulfill meaningful work on yourself. It is a self help book!

This work will help you in getting in touch with yourself. Because let’s face it – the only way to overcome tough shit in life, is to face that shit and go through it. Yes it can be hard when you start, but

when you stay true to yourself and then focus on the healing process, a world with so much more possibilities awaits you. Because you know you deserve so much better. And you are so much more than the painful experiences you had in your life.

I am happy to announce that the ebook comes out this week! Thank you all so much for your support and a huge thanks goes to my wonderful husband!

You can download a little bit inside find love to see a glimpse of my book.  And here’s the table_of_contents

There are 77 pages of real information for your soul available and it’s coming sooooon. Are you excited? I AAAAAM! 🙂

Sweeet and happy Monday my cutest folks! Oh and I of course keep you updatet – so you can buy it, if you feel like you need it!

so much love, D.

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