My first eBook is here! So happy, thankful and thrilled about this baby! I hope that so many of you can find a way to create the relationships you really desire through this eBook.

So what is this all about?

It’s a book about not wishing or hoping but about creating the relationships you deserve and desire. It is also a workbook, which means you will really learn a whole lot about yourself through this eBook. The workbook is inside this Ebook which means you can totally write along the lines (see below) what you feel while you go through each topic. So yes, you can write on the lines online on your computer which is super useful to me, but you can also print it out which is perfectly personal too. Do what suits you best.


When we understand that every person we meet in life, is a reflection of our inner dialogue, of our inner world, we start paying attention to our own thoughts and the relationships we already have in our lives.

I’m planning to add reviews on the book on this page as soon as possible. Feel free to download the table_of_contents and get a glimpse inside find love ! I wish you all fabulous love lives!

If you don’t like to buy it via PayPal shoot me an email at deborah@shkodra.ch and we make the world go round in our own way!

 It is available for EUR 12