Compassionate healing & when no is the most loving word to say!


Are you in a healing process at the moment? I know from so many people that these times are very intense and that they are healing one thing or two at the moment.

And while I am all pro healing vibes and love to let go of old shit we don’t need, I want to remember you to do it with compassion.

Compassion with the progress itself, compassion with other people who may hurt you and most important I want to remind you to be compassionate with yourself!

Because you matter! And constantly judging and pushing yourself is not really helpful. A few days ago I was shopping grocceries with my daughter and as little children are it all takes loooots of time, so we may have been a bit in the way, for other people to walk on. And there she was, an older woman behind  me – suddenly snubbing at me

„Go away with your stroller! Why are you even shopping at this time? You have lots of time to shop all day! Out of the way!“

And first I’m in my ego-talk like  „Wuuuuut? This old bitch! Lots of time? Who is she thinking……  “ but then I reminded myself on compassion. For her! But not only! Compassion for myself as well! And while I first thought I just let it go and I am not going to say anything to her, I then decided that I must say something for myself. Yes for me!  Because I promised myself to be honest and look very well after myself. So I said friendly but very confident:

„No, excuse me – for me it is very discrepant the way you think you can talk to me! I don’t want anyone taking that tone with me. You could have said it in a nice way and I would immediatly be out of your way. All about respect and manners, please!“

And with that said it was okay for me and I was able to let it go. But I am not her garbage can nor am I someone who needs to shut up just because I may have made a little mistake. I am a wonderful human being and I treat others with respect and so do I want to be treated. All about self love. This is one of the rule I live by.

So tell me about you. Do you have to say no often too? Or is it hard to say no? Sometimes it really can be. But every no, every boundary we happily set, is a YES for ourselves. And after all we really are responsible for us and need to protect ourselves! And yes to roar is the new black! We have to stand up for ourselves!

Sometimes no is the most loving word you can say.

so much love, D.

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