How to celebrate christmas the minimalistic and zen way with your family


Hello and welcome to my little „zen“ christmas guide.

  • Buy with thought!
  • Spend money to people in need all together
  • Don’t buy just something to someone. Ask them what they really need or even better gift them some of your talent. Do their accounting, or coach them for an hour or gift them another talent of yours.
  • Spend QUALITY time together, do a sleep over with friends & family at your place 🙂
  • Go out into nature for some beautiful walks. Again and again!
  • Leave the smartphones & computers out of Xmas space.
  • Also possible – rent a christmas tree over here  (Pic source via ecosapin)
  • Invite a stranger on to your table
  • Buy a christmas tree which grows with you, so you can use it next year and the year after!
  • Spend something so cool and good like these school books (via glore)

glore schulbücher

  • Buy your kids thoughtful gifts. Better three cool and thoughtful things instead of 30 things to hoard. Invest in good books (on positivity and education)


  1. Book about planets
  2. A toy to use their good energy !
  3. An instrument to activate their inner Mozart.
  4. Colors
  5. A toy to get them in your own hobby!
  6. A book on positive thinking! Never too late, never too early 😉 !


image source


Remember grattitude! Be thankful for what you have in your life. And take a break from work!

so much love, D.

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