About my kind of love


Isn’t it boring to love the same person for years again and again?

they ask.


Isn’t it boring to fall in love again and again knowing the other won’t be there

when you need ‚em most? Is what I ask back.


I hope you find a love that’s true

like when the morning light shines into you.


I love you, they all whisper when they get to your body.

When they’re close to your panties, about to rip them off.


In the heat of the night, we’re all lovers, craving the O.

In the heat of the night, an „I love you“ is like a hot drug, when the air is hot,

but we all not the next day we’re not.


I love you, they say, before they undress your body.

Hungry like wolves but what do they give?

I want you, is what they mean.

Because to love me in the heat of the nights is easy.


Can you still love me when I’m at my worst?
Screaming and shouting that you’re an asshole and that you shall leave. Forever.

Can you still hug me when I try to destroy our intimacy because I’m too

fucking afraid of our rawness & closeness?


Can you still be with me when I’m not this young good looking lady?

Will you still be crazy after my body, even when I pushed out some of our baby out of my vagina?

Can you hold my broken pieces, for when I can’t hold them anymore?

Can you?


Is your answer yes, then you shall come in. Into my house, into my body, into my soul, heart and into my everything. If you’re looking for empty holes to stick in your dick then you better leave.


For I am not empty. I am full. Full of love. To give to your beautiful open heart.

If your answer is yes, come in beautiful soul, you are home.

so much love, D.

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