About me


Herzlich Willkommen! Ich bin Deborah und das ist mein Blog 🙂 Ich freue mich so sehr dich kennen zu lernen! 

Meine Favorites:

  • Meine Family
  • Selflove
  • Happiness & Positivity
  • Fair Fashion
  • Unplugged & mindful leben
  • Schreiben
  • Vegan Comfortfood
  • Ehrlichkeit & Compassion

Aber hier soll es gar nicht (nur) um mich gehen. Sondern um dich! Ich möchte dich dazu inspirieren dein allerbestes Leben zu leben! Und ich glaube, dass wir alle einfach uns selbst heilen & glücklich sein möchten.

Ich schreibe hier auf Deutsch und Englisch, je nachdem welche Sprache mich gerade mehr inspiriert.

Ich bin total glücklich, dass du da bist. Dieser Platz ist für dich. Persönlich. Ehrlich. Uplifting.

Ich möchte dir hier zeigen wie du dein aller allerbestes Leben leben kannst. Meine Lieblingsthemen sind Selbstliebe, sich selber sein und Beziehungen!  

Hello there. I’m Deborah and I see myself as

  • earthling
  • blessed
  • happy human being
  • happy mama!
  • shadow transformer
  • truth seeker
  • honest voice
  • female blessing
  • life lover
  • chance taker
  • colors
  • creator

My mission is to make lives better. I don’t care how I’ll do it exactly, but for me it’s essential to change people’s lives to the good. I believe we all want to heal. I’m writing this blog in German and English, depending on the mood I’m in. I love my little wonderful magical family so so much! I feel really blessed. Thank you for joining this blog.

What else?

I love the homemade tomato spaghetti sauce cooked from my hubby. I adore his smile. I am the happiest when my babygirl laughs! I love me a city life, filled with nice cafe-visits and bike-rides to hubby’s office, so we can have lunch together. I love to paint. I love when my daughter paints. I love writing. I loved breastfeeding and let her stop on her own path, when she was 2 years. I like it natural. I am a vegan with my heart and soul. Living in Switzerland. Former Amsterdamer.

I love funny movies and magical massages from my man. I have a thing for the universe & shooting stars, and summer rain and the wind. Sometimes I cry. I am very soft. I used to fake a strong attitude. But since I’ve seen a glimpse into my true nature, I’m on my way home to my honest self. I adore my soul sisters. I’m a dog person but I love all animals. I want to open a rescue rest home for cows and other animals that were not treated well. I want to uplift.

I am addicted to smoothies. I love when others can find inspiration, calm, comfort or power in my words & acts. I want to be happy and I want the same for you. I love animals. I am thankful to live a life with a hubby who always supports me and my vision and also finds joy in it for his very own life.

I’m so happy that you are here. This place is for you. It’s honest. It’s personal. It’s me.