10 and more things to do with coconut oil


I love Coconut oil and we do use it in our family really everyday! It’s natural and it tastes delicious and free of toxic things! It’s really worth trying! Here are some of my favorite things to do with coconut oil!

  1. EAT ME! Eat one spoon of it everyday. Give it to your kids too. It’s yummie and it helps fighting against bacteria and viruses!
  2. MASSAGE ME! It’s a lovely massage oil! You can warm it up (like you’d melt chocolate)
  3. SHAVE YOUR LEGS with it! In case you shave your legs or other body parts, use coconut oil, it’s healthy and it’s free from shit!
  4. BAKE AND COOK WITH IT! Totally easy and so good! 
  5. SKIN CREAM! You can use it as body lotion! Especially wonderful in winter when skin is maybe a bit dryer!
  6. MAKE UP REMOVER! Instead of buying shit – use a bit of coconut oil to remove your make up!
  7. DEODORANT! I put it in my homemade deodorant!
  8. HAND CREAM! Very good! Especially for dry skin.
  9. USE AS MAKE UP! You can use coconut oil as lipgloss or cheakbone highlighter!
  10. SMOOTHIE LOVE! PUT IT IN YOUR SMOOTHIE TO HELP YOUR DIGESTION! Coconut oil is really a miracle 🙂 ! It can help with inflammation and a whole lot of other things!

Oh and here you can find 107 everyday coconut oil uses! Btw you get your coconut oil at Migros or your Alnatura store or at your health food store of choice! Make sure that it’s pure coconut oil. Maybe you can find a way to bring coconut oil into your life!

so much love, D.

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