20 things to do to brighten someone’s day!


Here are 20 new ideas to be a daymaker for somebody! Pick what you like!

  1. Hold the door for someone!
  2. Smile at strangers just because.
  3. Donate your Superpoints to refugees! Love this and will do this!
  4. Listen to someone’s story and show your compassion!
  5. Bake cookies for your friends, neighbours, your kids kindergarten or police officers.
  6. Scrape the snow and ice off of all cars in your neighbourhood
  7. Hold the elevator!
  8. Hold the bus door and wait for everyone to come in.
  9. Encourage someone!
  10. Tip generously to make a waiter’s day!
  11. Invite someone over for lunch.
  12. Support a good cause.
  13. Go meat free for a while and see how your body feels.
  14. Leave a note to your husband or boyfriend 🙂 !
  15. Compliment someone honestly from your heart to the other’s heart.
  16. Call someone you miss.
  17. Send flowers to somebody you love.
  18. Make yourself a beautiful compliment, so you can make your own day.
  19. Feel yourself in honest compassion for someone who needs it.
  20. Say thank you more more more often!

„Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and start with the person nearest you.“ -Mother Teresa

Wish you a happy day!

so much love, D.

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