20 things to do instead of hanging around on social media

anti media
  • Dance! Move that sexy ass! Doesn’t matter if you dance at home on your own listening to Justin Bieber or you prefer taking a samba class. Just do it!

  • Write. Write your thoughts down. To get your mind clear. To inspire. To heal. Do it in your journal or on your website – whatever helps you!
  • Learn something new. Learn Chinese or how to fold napkins like a swan or sew your own clothes. You can also find inspiration on these creative things on pinterest.
  • Clear your home. Your basement, your office, your whatever. It’s very liberating.
  • Plant. Gardening is something so beautiful!
  • Plant good thoughts. Listen to Louise Hay while finding peace in a quiet moment at home. 
  • Cook fresh banana bread. for example this here
  • Make love 🙂 ! Yup! I mean it.
  • Spend time with friends. Listen to music together or just talk!
  • Write a grattitude list or create the grattitude bowl.
  • Watch an awesome happy and positive documentary!
  • Tell someone how gorgeous he/she is!
  • Plan a roadtrip! New Zealand, Greenland or US and A! Let’s go! 
  • Cook your family and friends an extravagant super special yummie breakfast or dinner!
  • Paint! Paint!Paint! Dipping hands in colors is fascinating and so beautiful!



  • Live. Breathe. Hunt Sunsets!
  • Visit your best friends abroad.
  • Make homemade sirup and soup 🙂
  • Get a new haircut!
  • Find what you reeaaallly love and go for this!

Happy Tuesday !

so much love, D.

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