20 things to do just for yourself!


Everyday is a Selflove Day! So here are some suggestions for your (every)day!

  1. Meditate or just sit a while in stilness.
  2. Get a mani or a pedicure! DIY or go and get it somewhere done!
  3. Dance to your favorite music!
  4. Make yourself a yummie smoothie bowl!
  5. Have a deep and meaningful conversation!
  6. Eat a pommegranate and make yourself some fresh orange juice!
  7. Go and enjoy a shower and than lotion your whole body!
  8. Meet your girlfriends for tea, smoothies or coffees!
  9. Make yourself some yummie vegan mac and cheese comfort food!
  10. Buy something that you really want and can use!
  11. Take a minute just for yourself and read a bit!
  12. Create a dreamboard or just dream about your dreams!
  13. Buy yourself a lovely SELF LOVE REMINDER! Like a beautiful plant. Each time you look at it remember to say something nice to yourself! 🙂
  14. Clean out your appartment and make space for something new!
  15. Make a face mask and enjoy it!
  16. Take a day off! Just like that. Because you can!
  17. Go to the cinema. Alone. Snack some popcorn, enjoy a great movie, relax and be happy to have such a great date! YOU!
  18. Go to the library! A beautiful surrounding may inspire your day!$
  19. Write in your journal!
  20. Write a loveletter to yourself baby! Read it when you have a bad mood.

so much love, D.

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