10 things that are on my bucket list!


Here are ten things that I really want and need to do in my wonderful life!

  • Stargazing and Night Sky watching with my hubby and my child(ren) – preferably in the US in a National Park. Milky Way here we come watching you 🙂 !


  • Living very close to the beach! A big dream of mine! Love the air, the sand and everything in between. Also imagine myself growing old at the sea with my hubby.


  • Getting into surfing. Just a little bit 🙂


  • Roadtripping around the world with my family. And getting lots of cool visits from friends, so we can travel together for a good while! 🙂


  • Playing with my grandchildren and baking cookies for them. Yes I know quite fast forward. I love the image of me and my hubby playing with our grandchildren. Feels so home for me!



  • Learning two to three languages at least. I’m starting with Italian this month! So I can go over to Spanish and French. Also improving and perfecting my English is a lovely task!


  • Opening a rescue home for animals! Do not really care which animals. All animals 🙂 But especially those that other people eat. Every animal that I can save from the butcher.


  • Making a difference in someone’s or in lot of people’s lives and empower them to be happy and live their lives with joy and grattitude! 


  • Starting and suceeding several businesses with love, joy and so much passion. To make a difference in this beautiful world. 


  • Helping in improving the school system in a hollistic way 🙂 ! Yes that’s true 🙂 


for sure to be continued… There’s so much more to do in this beautiful world! 

so much love, D.

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